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  • comment in: Back to Baku once more

    Re: Back to Baku once more

    Baselworld 2015 sees the launch of five new models from Dodane. Although similar in ...

    jeff 5 Jan 17, 04:08
  • comment in: Holland: No Objectivity

    Re: Holland

    Don't be confused by the Italian brand's jewelry division, which is quite separate. 2015 is also the 40th ...

    jeff 5 Jan 17, 04:06
  • comment in: Obama volunteer HQ in Miami

    Re: Obama volunteer HQ in Miami

    The subtle flashes of orange enliven what would otherwise be a somewhat muted timepiece. ...

    jeff 5 Jan 17, 04:04
  • comment in: Don't vote!!

    Re: USA

    You know what? Even these various Bulgari watches that I got to play with had slightly different dial ...

    jeff 5 Jan 17, 04:01
  • comment in: Protect Obama, no killings

    Re: Protect Obama, no killings

    Frankly, it is the dials that set these apart – if you are on the hunt for a Rolex Daytona like this, ...

    jeff 5 Jan 17, 03:59