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D` oh!!!

I am human being of extremes. Sometimes loud and obnoxious, sometimes unbelievibly quiet. Sometimes a cold blooded rationalist and sometimes strongly led by emotions.

I am the product of a Moroccan man and a Dutch woman, the last nationality dominated my upbringing so I am more of a Dutchman than a Moroccan. Although I am thinking about learning Arabic in the future.

I like and love all sorts of stuff.
I am absolutely fascinated by subcultures, really I am!

I am an absolute nut for music (rap, folk, metal, rock, jazz, blues, soul, experimental stuff, you name it I probably like it!) Huge fan of bands like The Ocean Collective and The Mouth of the Architect. I grew up on rap (Jeru the Damaja, Wu-tang, Gangstarr, Black Moon) and I`m also into artists like Miles Davis, Joss Stone, Ane Brun and many others. Oh! And The Melvins of course! :-)

I`ve been a Simpsons fan for over twenty years now. i think it`s one of the best tvshows ever. Other favorites: South Park, Prison Break, Spooks (a British show about MI5), Scrubs, Reaper.....

Movies are cool too (duh!) I Love David Fincher`s work (Fight Club, Seven.) I have many favorites: Der Untergang, Sin City, Rear Window, L`appartement......and many others.

More to come!

I don`t like and hate al sorts of stuff.


My roots/ origin :


My job/ school :

if you haven`t figured it out yet: I`m the webguy of this place.

My favourite enemy :

Mr Bush (ya know who, I just don`t agree with his ideas.)

Contact information / hard facts
I can tell you but if i did i`d have to kill you...

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    Reaction on: Maral, triphop from Iran I have to agree with you. I think triphop is a more laidback form of music. Think Massive ...

    Tarik 10 Feb 09, 11:46
  • comment in: Maral, triphop from Iran

    Re: maral, triphop from Iran

    I have to agree with you. I think triphop is a more laidback form of music. Think Massive Attack, Lamb, Tricky, et cetera. This reminds ...

    Tarik 10 Feb 09, 11:09
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    Re: A new form of graffiti?

    Oops! Sorry bout that. I'll change it straight away.

    Tarik 30 Jan 09, 10:38
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    Re: What are the biggest lies in the world for you?

    "Read my lips: no more taxes." - George Bush sr (a pretty big one) "Men lie the most, women tell the biggest ...

    Tarik 9 Dec 08, 17:52
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    Re: Planet of Slums trailer

    Cool trailer! It looks good. Tarik :)

    Tarik 13 Nov 08, 10:56