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Couscous & Cola

This was the root-tv-series that stood on the base of this site. Here is the text Al Jazeera put on its site:

They are living in what is perceived to be the most liberal of societies. From conservative societies in Morocco, Ghana, Somalia, Turkey and Egypt, a debate club in the Netherlands faces the controversies of the day and they learn about themselves in the process.
Couscous & Cola is a series that shows us the attitudes, sometimes angry, sometimes provocative, always insightful, of a group of teenagers who have immigrated to Holland.
America lived through their 9/11 and Holland through their 11/2, when the filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered by a 26-year-old Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent. Couscous & Cola was shot in the hectic weeks before and after the killing. It gives us vital clues to youth sentiment throughout Europe today.

Maartje Nevejan, the director, befriended a group of immigrant teenagers in a debating club in Amsterdam. In their debates, they try their best to survive between two worlds and simply have fun. These kids both hate and adore the United States. That was the challenging reason to travel with them to America. While preparing their journey we witness their struggle with passports, parents and older brothers, and follow their ongoing passionate debate. In the end, although you might disagree with their point of views, you may begin to empathise with them.

Couscous & Cola was originally produced by IDTV for the Dutch network BNN.

Check out the 'Couscous and Cola' website at

The cast of Couscous&Cola first series, to the USA!

Youssef, Omar, Deborah, Jalil, Ahlam, Kacem, Akosua, Ramy and Ilknur.

Watch the clips from the series, react and connect......

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