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Can`t find what you`re looking for? Having trouble with embedding a video on our website? Can`t figure out how your profile works? Check this place to get some answers.

So what is Couscous Global all about?
Like we mentioned in our welcome film: we`re a comunnity website that differs in one crucial aspect from the other ones. Debating is the most important part of Couscous, although coming here for a ‘virtual hangout’ isn`t forbidden either.

A question we hear very often: what is Couscous?
Couscous is a North African/Middle Eastern food dish which is made out of wheat and flour. For an extensive description see:

What are debates?
Debates are discussions about a certain topic. Here at Couscous we offer you a range of discussions on varying topics. This mostly starts with a short film on a certain topic or a debate that was held in a country somewhere on our humble little planet. Watch this short film/debate and post a response.

When uploading to Youtube.
Youtube ‘swallows’ many videoformats in many resolutions. (Real format isn`t supported) You are free to use the specs you like and we understand that most of you don`t have the stuff we work with, but still, this is the way we work. We think it works. :) We film everything on DV, load this into our computer and we edit it. Once everything is edited we export the video as a Quicktime movie with a resolution of 720x576. After that we convert it to an MP4 with a resolution of 640x480. This is the file we upload.

To all people that want to send us videofootage.
The entire Couscous Global project couldn`t have been possible without our partners worldwide. However if you want send us footage (either edited or unedited), please take the specs we just mentioned above into account. We think this works best and it also gives us the oppertunity to get it online as soon as possible.

So, once more:

DV format please. If you cannot meet up to this standard we are always open for other suggestions.

Quicktime files with a resolution of 720x576 MP4 files with a resolution of 640x480 Please let us know if you want to send us a different fileformat or a file with a lower resolution. We`ll be able to work something out.

How can I post my response on the site?
There are several ways to do this. First of all you can post a written reaction in the comment box which is located underneath a film which is part of a debate. Here`s an example of such a page: BE SURE TO ADD A TITLE! If you don`t do this your comment won`t be posted.
The second way to do this is by recording a video in which you give your reaction on a discussion/ it`s topic. You can do this with your webcam, a digital camera which allows you to make a film or a videocamera. Post you film on and embed it on our website. Having trouble uploading to Youtube? Click the ‘help’ button which is located at the top righthand side of their homepage. (For those who aren`t very well known with ‘Internet slang’: in this case the homepage is

We like it when people post a video response and this way of working might suggest that this is the only way to go BUT IT ISN`T! Textual responses are cool too! Better yet: we encourage them.
So it doesn`t matter if you don`t have the resources (read: camera`s) to record a video. Textual responses in our forum or on a debate are also a very good tool to well...participate!

How do I post the video which I uploaded to Youtube on this website?
Embedding movies to our website is simple but it works a bit different. Check out this step by step guide if you`re having trouble.

Step one
Upload your video to Youtube.

Step two
Once you`re logged in, click ‘participate’ and then ‘add movie.’

Step three
Add a title and click the ‘add’ button. If you wish to change the title or correct a spelling error just click the title and change it.

Step four
Add a short discription if you like. Text in this part is printed bold. It`s a good way to make the first few lines stand out from the rest of your text but you don`t have to use it if you don`t want to. You can skip this step if you like. Once you`re done, click the ‘save’ button.

Step five
Next up click ‘add your movie and a description here.’ Add a description and then click the icon with the ‘Youtube’ logo which is located above the textbox. A pop-up window appears. Copy the last part of the URL/adress (see picture) and paste this into the pop-up. Then click ‘add.’ As soon as you do this a code is automatically generated. This code represents your movie so DO NOT ALTER IT!

Step six
Click the ‘save’ button underneath the textbox.

Step seven
You can add keywords by clicking ‘choose keywords.’ We encourage you to do this because this makes it easier for other users to find the movies that you have added. If you have posted a videoresponse about, for example, poverty in Africa then you can add keywords such as ‘poverty’ ‘Africa’, ‘hunger’, et cetera. This makes it easier for other users to find video`s that correspond with the subject they are looking for. For more info, check out ‘Keywords & video`s’ on this page.

Step eight
After these steps, click ‘save this page.’ Your video has now been posted.

What are keywords?
Keywords are words that you can pick and use to define who you are as a person. Are you rational? Emotional? Do you have a mixed background? Do like to talk about the media? Show it by using keywords. A maximum of twenty can be chosen for your profile.

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