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The girls in Liberty City Miami.

We visited a neighborhood called Liberty City in Miami during our stay in America last November. We had a chat with the people there about their lives, the community they live in, world problems and more. it also contains footage of our trip by cab there. Our taxi driver was a smart ass. Judge for yourself though. :)


Re: The girls in Liberty City Miami.


I woulld'nt waste my time trying to help black americans because they are such ignorant and brainwash people I've ever known´╗┐ my whole life.

22 July 09, 12:41 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 12:41

Re: The girls in Liberty City Miami.


Dominicans haitians jamicans dont speack there true lange ethier u speack the talk of the white man just like we dont spanish is a latin euro talk not black man talk learn your african roots thin say that shit hjmatrix33 we are all in the same boat we where striped of are african culutr and so where u lil buddy we all desnd from slaves in the west

8 July 09, 15:11 youtube comments, 8 July 09, 15:11

Re: The girls in Liberty City Miami.


I know the girl in the middle Tyquana please have your mother to contact me Alicia from Child support. It has been 15 years since i saw you and her.

7 July 09, 13:33 youtube comments, 7 July 09, 13:33

Re: The girls in Liberty City Miami.


i like that video

6 July 09, 13:24 youtube comments, 6 July 09, 13:24

Re: The girls in Liberty City Miami.


I was born and raise in Liberty cityone thing about my family have that the Black americans do not have is Nationality,my family are Algerian/Dominicans....The blacks americans give all the black Black Foreigners a hard time in school,at work or in public...we have heritage and speak are native language......Black Americans pick on all Black Foreigners that not only speak English properly but also speak there native language they also have better family structure and values.

6 July 09, 13:16 youtube comments, 6 July 09, 13:16