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I'm just me, I don't belong to a collective identity


Re: I'm just me, I don't belong to a collective identity

22 Aug 16, 04:05 clibin clibin, 22 Aug 16, 04:05

Re: Questions worldwide to Iran

20 Aug 16, 04:42 chenyingying chenyingying, 20 Aug 16, 04:42


upstairs from the body Jiuxia pinch pinch rabbit nest. One evening, I found the rabbit cage has movement in a photo with a flashlight, five rabbits cubs are surrounded by females arch move. Their eyes closed, covered with no hair, no tail like a small mouse. My brother and sister to open the door, put a rabbit cubs just hold out your hand and gently stroked. I did not think back then when the rabbit cage, even chasing females bite them, driving them. Later learned that females are identified by smell child, once body odor, he disowned. Take emergency measures: the rabbit cubs who hold the house, put a good cotton pad shoe box with a straw feeding. In addition to rice, but also to find out a little milk, that's a rare thing Jingui. Rabbit cub eyes closed, greedily sucking our relief. The next morning, open the shoebox, five rabbits cubs all dead. Our own fault and wept. Females if nothing had happened, who can understand the feelings rabbits life? Their appetite is growing, while the nearby meadow less and less. I farther and farther and his brother, from the gates, in-depth field, often driven country boy. For rabbits, we are run out of rations turned into a finite energy. At the starting line of the same survival, we run faster than anyone else and are not rabbits, but more than anyone else to run away. At this critical moment, cousin to the house guest, who is a student of Beijing Normal University. She suggested that the rabbit foster care at her place - their quarters there is a large front lawn, just grazing recess at rest. That rabbit's paradise. At that time my brother and I are learning to swim, first Beijing Normal University swimming pool blind thump, then head of semi-moist trunks to visit rabbit. They romp, bit his sandals to show affection. Grazing rabbits and sheep grazing almost reckon, they sometimes sneak wind, slipped into the depths of the lush grass; sometimes standing alert, front legs folded, watching the movement around. Can not last, some people complain, the school to intervene, the rabbit moved back home. As ubiquitous rumors and famine. Students around the classroom stove while grilled corn bread, while talking about the international situation. A popular argument is that forcing the Soviet big brother Zan Chinese debt, what should, in addition to poultry meat, fruits and even food. I began to worry about the rabbit - Russians remember the movie are wearing fur hat. Females big belly, this resurrection of six. Family of eight, the rabbit cage too small. My brother and I got bricks, the bottom of the iron balcony railing up, so they have more space. Next morning, we are shocked: even less three rabbit cubs! Discovered, there is a gap in the "brick wall" on. He dashed downstairs to find the bodies Gong small garden. Depressed aside, we have reinforced the "brick." Next morning and one less - fell in pots on the windowsill Gong. We are crazy, this blind suicidal behavior unreasonable, had them all thrown into the rabbit hutch. Spring and autumn, the surviving rabbit cubs grow up to feed a family of four is even harder. Hey bunny hug grass, ran their legs off - my brother and I traveled to Beijing, traveled suburban wilderness, all summer for the rabbit's survival struggle. This is the final struggle. Winter is coming, how to do? Father - my chief executive to make a decision: to kill

19 May 16, 05:49 myy myy, 19 May 16, 05:49

Re: I'm just me, I don't belong to a collective identity

18 Mar 16, 02:25 guoyanying guoyanying, 18 Mar 16, 02:25

Re: I'm just me, I don't belong to a collective identity

im raynard. im not a a filipino. im not a catholic. im just ME!

13 Dec 09, 07:22 raynard bello, 13 Dec 09, 07:22
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