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Being gay in Iran

Homosexuality is prohibited by law in Iran. Gay men and women are forced to live a secret life so they can't f3ully show who they really are. Couscous Global sat down with a gay man from Iran and talked about his life there.


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27 Dec 16, 08:55 hhcg1 hhcg1, 27 Dec 16, 08:55

Re: Questions worldwide to Iran

20 Aug 16, 04:41 chenyingying chenyingying, 20 Aug 16, 04:41

Re: Being gay in Iran

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29 May 16, 20:01 nadeen nadeen, 29 May 16, 20:01

Re: Being gay in Iran

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29 May 16, 20:01 nadeen nadeen, 29 May 16, 20:01

Re: Being gay in Iran


even gay people are better believers that the ones that call themselves fundamentalist muslims
ALLAH alone can judge NOT PEOPLE
be strong in your faith brother, I support you:)

10 Sept 09, 13:34 youtube comments, 10 Sept 09, 13:34

Re: Being gay in Iran


ahhh hhahah you fag!! i knew it!!

22 July 09, 13:54 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:54

Re: Being gay in Iran


decent homosexuals are certaily the better humans than indecent heterosexuals, and? who does not agree is a damned hypocrite and has to be hanged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!

22 July 09, 13:54 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:54

Re: Being gay in Iran


maybe you are right about no gay chose to be gay but he was born gay, ok but what about bisexual people ? how did they become bisexual ? there are many stories about straight people who left their husbands/wife because of a homosexual relation, not to mention how children perceive this behavior !
Don't tell me there is no negative effects of homosexuality normalization in sociaties !!!

It is your chance that you were born as a gay, but nothing bad to keep your sexual life as a secret !!

22 July 09, 13:53 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:53

Re: Being gay in Iran

i know a lot od gay ppl and they know better to try yo mess with a straght person. im sure it happends...

think of it this way.

u say homosexuality is spread by seduction.. well let the gay be gay and let them do what they want with eachother and that way they wont go "spreading" their gayness.

no gay person chose to be gay, its the way GOD made me you think its a pleasure to be on the minority side of things.

22 July 09, 13:51 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:51

Re: Being gay in Iran

Maybe you are a good person, but we can't suppose that everyone is a good person like you, unfortunately in many cases you find gays try to seduce other non-gays and this is not good because they will spread the homo practice !

22 July 09, 13:50 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:50

Re: Being gay in Iran


who the fuck is this retard!

im gay and all my friends are straight and they are not curiouse to be gay. you dont know shit!!!

22 July 09, 13:50 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:50

Re: Being gay in Iran

I Agree, If Persons Want to Be Gay must live in a Secret because it is a mental disorder.

Great Comment

22 July 09, 13:49 youtube comments, 22 July 09, 13:49

Re: Being gay in Iran


Shiraz is my most preferred wine. Its such a pity for great persian people with that damned dictatorship must get rid of, must get freed !!!

16 July 09, 13:44 youtube comments, 16 July 09, 13:44

Re: Being gay in Iran


decent homosexuals are certaily the better humans than indecent heterosexuals, and? who does not agree is a damned hypocrite and has to be hanged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

16 July 09, 13:42 youtube comments, 16 July 09, 13:42

Re: Being gay in Iran


i live in europe to study and the situation of the gay here is horrible , they keep fuking every single day sauna.... bars ...and getting theses dieses and drugs , i prefre to be in a muslim coutry and have a bf a normale one not queer bitches , and have a secret relationship the sex is so much better and as we say LIVE HAPPY LIVE SECRETLY....

7 July 09, 13:41 youtube comments, 7 July 09, 13:41

Re: Being gay in Iran


This guy wants the Iranian guy to say "oh i m so jealous i wish i were on those boats in Amsterdam or Berlin", while they guy obviously doesnt have an oppinion about that, because he simply hasn't had the experience. I personally think the gay parades are ridiculous, and the sight of the guys on the boats make me want to vomit. But if you like guys, other gay people suppose that you have to look like an idiot.

21 Apr 09, 10:44 youtube comments, 21 Apr 09, 10:44

Re: Being gay in Iran


Meydoon khalieh digeh, har kesi mikhad ye veri bezane bara khodesh.

30 Mar 09, 10:49 youtube comments, 30 Mar 09, 10:49

Re: Being gay in Iran


gay people do not have a good life in iran, this guy is an acceptional. anti-discrimination laws do not exist and gays are subject to severe punishments. i know this for a fact cause i was born and raised in iran.

25 Mar 09, 11:12 youtube comments, 25 Mar 09, 11:12

Re: Being gay in Iran


I wouldn't even call these ppl stupid. I have much more respect for ppl that are just plain ignorant. These ppl are far worse than just ignorant.

19 Mar 09, 11:48 youtube comments, 19 Mar 09, 11:48

Re: Being gay in Iran


Homosexuality is abnormal. Its against the law of nature. These people have sick mind. What they need is religious re-education.

19 Mar 09, 11:47 youtube comments, 19 Mar 09, 11:47

Re: Being gay in Iran


fuck them they must die there is nothing named gay god almighty made man and woman fro each other its the only way

16 Mar 09, 10:32 youtube comments, 16 Mar 09, 10:32

Re: Being gay in Iran


Oh my \god they have a bad life ...having experience this is so cruel...why they have to live this life???? Bullshit the government is!!!!

10 Mar 09, 10:36 youtube comments, 10 Mar 09, 10:36

Re: Being gay in Iran


thank you for sharing!!!

9 Mar 09, 10:51 youtube comments, 9 Mar 09, 10:51