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An answer to Sofie's burqa performance

Sofie, a Norwegian artist - who resides in Amsterdam - had an art project in which an almost naked women (she's wearing a burqa) is standing behind a window in the Amsterdam red light district. She wanted to know what women in Iran would think of this. This young lady from Iran gives her an answer.


Re: An answer to Sofie's burqa performance


I have worked and lived in Iran for number of years and I have to raise few points.
First Iranians don't wear Burka - but Saudis, Afghans, and Arabs of Persian Gulf do! Second, she failed to mention that Iranian women are forced by the Islamic Regime to wear Hijab and not by choice!

And finally if someone places a prostitute in Amsterdam's Red District wearing Burka, she should interview Arab women and not an Iranian girl!

8 July 09, 15:27 youtube comments, 8 July 09, 15:27

Re: An answer to Sofie's burqa performance


yeeeS ,,, very good British accent!!

2 Mar 09, 10:38 youtube comments, 2 Mar 09, 10:38

Re: An answer to Sofie's burqa performance


hahahahahahaha that's funny....iranian talking british english loool

27 Feb 09, 11:49 youtube comments, 27 Feb 09, 11:49