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Questions worldwide to Iran and the answers

What do you think of when I mention the country Iran? Dutch Journalist Thomas Erdbrink once wrote that you can find many ayatollah's and beards there. Or a least that's what's shown on television. However, those are not the only thing you'll find in Iran. Check out the video's below to see what's meant by that.

Questions worldwide to Iran

Questions from people worldwide to the people in Iran...Couscous Global attempts to find the answers over there.

Harout has a question for the Armenians in Iran

This is Harout, he lives in the USA. He has a question for Armenian people living in Iran.

Answer from Iran to Harout's question

Armenian inhabitants of Tehran, Iran answer the question of Harout from the USA. Click here to view his question.

Sofie about her burqa performance in the red light district in Amsterdam

Sofie is an artist from Norway. She has a question for you What do you think about putting a woman in a burqa in the red light district?

An answer to Sofie's burqa performance

Sofie, see previous video also, had an art project in which an almost naked women (she's wearing a burqa) is standing behind a window in the Amsterdam red light district. She wanted to know what women in Iran would think of this. Once again, a young lady from Iran provides her the answer.

Sofie asks Iran: 'Are you protected in a burqa?'

Sofie is an artist and has a question for Sara from Iran about her burqa performance in the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

An answer to Sofie's question: 'are you protected in a burqa'

Sofie, a Norwegian artist who resides in Amsterdam wonders if there were women out there who feel protected in a burqa. A young lady from Iran provides her the answer.

Is the palace of the Shah filled with jewelry?

Andrea from the USA has a question about the palaces of the Shah in Iran.

The jewels of the Shah...Iran answers Andrea from USA

This woman answers a question of Andrea from the USA. Couscous Global was in Tehran to get some answers about this demonized country. Andrea from Florida wanted to know about the jewels.....yes they are BIG. We weren't allowed to film inside, so we filmed outside for you

'What is a happy day for you guys?'

This girl with Polish/Australian roots wonders what a happy day is for people in countries such as Afghanistan and Iran.

Afghan refugees in Iran answers the question "what is a happy day for you?"

Couscous Global had a meeting with a theatre group in Tehran, Iran. It's members are refugees from Afghanistan. Here they tell us about the memories they have of their country and their happy days.

Young Iranians answer the questions of young Americans

Young Iranians answer the questions of young Americans and Europeans. Couscous Global filmed their reactions to the questions of our members.

Answers from Iran to the questions of young Americans


Being gay in Iran

Homosexuality is prohibited by law in Iran. Gay men and women are forced to live a secret life so they can't fully show who they really are. Couscous Global sat down with a gay man from Iran and talked about his life there.


Re: Iran


First of all I should say the following answers is my opinions and every individual has his or her own unique opinion about the current situation in Iran
How do we keep hope ? I personally keep hope for a free referendum under the control of UN forces and hope for change cause life is about changing.
How it is that Obama has been elected? I am happy as he is moderate compared to republicans and he knows what he is talking about at least he knows that Ahmadinejad is not the leader of Iran and the leader is Khameneyi . In fact Ahmadinejad is only the president or better to say Khameneyies dog!!
What is it like to be a woman in Iran ? To be a woman in Iran is the same as every other place I should say the only difference is the dress code we have which for me is annoying but there are other women who chose this way of dressing themselves.
As an Iranian woman I went to university learned different languages went to sport classes and art classes and was working till the day I left Iran so I was active in the society . But I am against Islamic dress code.
Do you think may be some times you wished to live in another country? I did wish to live in other countries and I did left Iran seeking better life and starting from 0 in the new environment I faced many problems regarding work permit, racism, and white people never treated me as a human being they always tell me that I am different despite the fact that my skin is white as theirs even my husband which is Scottish always tells me that I look Indian as I have very dark brown hair. Life here ( In UK) is good for natives not for immigrants. Like Farsi poem says this house is beautiful but it is not mine.
I always miss Iran and will go back one day. Ps there is no war in Iran yet!! So it is safe to live there. But it has its own unique problems.
What kind of movie we like: I myself like drama I like Iranian movies French movies and European movies some movies from Hollywood but when I was in Iran many guys liked action Hollywood movies and girls liked love stories and my brother loved science fiction movies so it depends on the people but I say we get all Hollywood movies easily out there some even in TV. Or even in some cinemas!!
What your view point is on Israel? I think the conflict between Jews and Arabs is never ending as they dont like each other and they never did although to me they are like cousins they are both from Isaac and Ishmael Abrahams sons hehe I think they better learn to love and live peacefully. Jews in Iran live there for more than 2000 years and we never treated them bad. The ownership of holly lands and the promised land is the base of all the problems. Live together and let them live. Dont kill live !!!
How we will be 4 years from now?hopefully we will have free election and things will get better.
Do we want democratic government? We are fighting for democratic government for more that 150 years and our democratic government which was formed by mossadegh In 1951 Was deposed by foreign politicians. Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh was elected as prime minister. As prime minister, Mossadegh became enormously popular in Iran after he nationalized Iran's oil reserves. In response, Britain embargoed Iranian oil and, amidst Cold War fears, invited the United States to join in a plot to depose Mossadegh, and in 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized Operation Ajax. The operation was successful, and Mossadegh was arrested on 19 August 1953. After Operation Ajax, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's rule became increasingly autocratic. With American support, the Shah simultaneously crushed all forms of political opposition with his intelligence agency, SAVAK.
What do we think about Americans ? I think they are open, friendly, laud, a bit simple ( some of them not all !!), they dont travel that much, they love fast food and dont have good taste in fashion. Many of them are huge and fat hehe.
Is our palaces filled with Jewels: Palaces are beautiful not filled by jewels !!
What is it like to be Armenian in Iran ? they have churches schools and sport center they do their religious ceremony and they are the ones that celebrate xmas in Iran however there are Muslim Iranian who celebrate xmas as well. They are allowed to dress freely when they are in their own center Ararat club in Tehran. They are very good in music and famous to be artist and good cooks.
The censorship on the internet: young Iranians are expert to pass the filtering and get what they want so filtering is useless.
Do we like electronic music what is our favorite DJ? I know many guys in Iran which listen to electronic music but I personally dont listen to this type of music.
Did the economic situation of USA effected Iran ? Yes it did effect indirectly but the US sanctions had greater effect.
Dose Ahmadinejad represent the whole country? no he does not as in last election out of 47 million people who where eligible to vote 20 million decided not to take part in the election as it was not free ( I was one of them ) and 27 million did vote the total of
7 million in the first round and 10 million in the second round voted for him. The fact is out of these people there are many people are now against him so I can easily say most of Iranians dont want him lets say 30 million dont want him. Plus there was a big cheating going on in the past election even Khatami our reformist president warned about these cheatings.
Is Obama going to change the situation ? Obama might talk with Mollas and find a solution to their nuk program but he wont bring freedom for us Iranians.
The music bands we have: Farzad golpaygani has a progressive metal band in Iran have a look at his webpage I listen to Namjoo, axiom of choice, Niyaz, cyminology, kiosk, and other Iranian bands.
Will Iran use weapons of massdistruction against USA : Iran has not invaded any country for the last 200 years were as USA has invaded 39 countries over the last 57 years and has troops and military camps in many countries in fact after collapse of Russia USA is the only super power in the world and the first with nuclear weapons so if any country we should be scared of is USA! Get alive please.
We bomb we kill we are suicide bombers we bring religion to our race? in fact there is not even one suicide bomber with Iranian origin but lets have a look, there are 1.2 billion, they represent about 22% of the world's population how many of them are suicide bomber or killer? And how many they killed? But how many people died in war on terror? 62,006 confirmed directly killed. 98,000 deaths due to extra mortality.In May, a survey by the Iraq government and Unicef reported that a quarter of all Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition.
In Afghanistan, the most reliable recorder of civilian deaths is Professor Marc Herold, whose latest figures range from 4,541 to 5,308. He does not include those who die subsequently from their injuries or in refugee camps.These "indirect" deaths have been put at anything from 8,000 to 20,000. More accurate are estimates of refugee numbers. In July, the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants said there were 2.2 million Afghans who had fled abroad and at least 153,200 displaced internally. For Iraq, there were 888,700 external refugees, and 1.3 million people displaced inside the country. An estimated 40 per cent of the Iraqi middle class have left Iraq.
Beyond the blood price, there is a dollar and sterling cost. In July it was reported that the US Congress had approved $437bn (£254bn) for costs related to the "war on terror". This, a sum greater than those spent on the Korean and Vietnam wars, compares to the $375bn that Make Poverty History says is needed to clear the debts of the world's poorest nations. The British Government has spent £4.5bn on Iraq and Afghanistan.
We can see if the terror started if the Alqaede or suicide bomber became active it was because of Russian invasion and killing Muslims in Bosnia Chechnya and anistan and so on can they not say it was self defense!!lthough I AM AGAINST ALL THESE VIOLENCE AND I WANT IT TO STOPPPP !! but I dont see the invaders innocent however I am happy that there is no SADDAM any more and hoping that there wont be any Alghaede soon. At the end I should say the main looser of this terror game are Muslims and Middle Eastern so its better to stop terrorism and bring back peace to the region.
Are we involved in our political process ?I dont cause it is pricey but many people do !
What is a pleasant day for us a happy day in Iran? For me it is when I go for a walk with my dog or for a swim in my house in a hot summer day eating the best melons and fruit of the entire world or if I go skiing in a cold winter day in Dizin or Tochal . when I have a privet party with my friends . Yalda nights reading poems and drinking wine. Chaharshanbe soori and Nourooz are the best.
I have to add I and worried about Tehrans pollution, and terrific. Also I am worried about the economy of Iran. I want a free Iran where lots of tourists could come to visit it and enjoy the unique landscapes and food we have. My message to the world is to never believe media propaganda !!

13 Mar 09, 17:48 youtube comments, 13 Mar 09, 17:48

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Answer from Iran to Harout's question


What would you mean? You don't know who your mommy and daddy is?

11 Feb 09, 10:38 youtube comments, 11 Feb 09, 10:38

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Maral, triphop from Iran


nice. like womanizer (britney) good job

11 Feb 09, 10:35 youtube comments, 11 Feb 09, 10:35

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Introducing Afghan kids in Tehran, Iran


Dametoon garm

11 Feb 09, 10:34 youtube comments, 11 Feb 09, 10:34

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Maral, triphop from Iran

I have to agree with you. I think triphop is a more laidback form of music. Think Massive Attack, Lamb, Tricky, et cetera. This reminds me Goldfrapp (can you label that triphop?) and even Nine Inch Nails to some extent because of the heavy beats and the electric guitar.

Cool tune though. And she has a good voice too. :-)

10 Feb 09, 11:46 Tarik, 10 Feb 09, 11:46

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Dinner in the mountains Tehran Iran


isnt this tochal?

10 Feb 09, 11:43 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 11:43

Re: Iran

reaction on: In the cable telecabine mountains of tehran iran


نمرود، کشاورز و جمهوری اسلامی را در کانال من ملاحظه فرمائید.

10 Feb 09, 11:41 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 11:41

Re: Iran

Reaction on: maral, triphop from Iran


nice..god job...but thats not triphop...

10 Feb 09, 11:39 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 11:39

Re: Iran

introduction Afghanian kids in Tehran, Iran


affarin movaffagh bashin

10 Feb 09, 11:37 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 11:37

Re: Iran

Reaction on: Introduction Afghanian kids in Tehran, Iran


affarin movaffagh bashin

10 Feb 09, 11:32 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 11:32
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