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A new form of graffiti?



10 Oct 16, 03:24 fang fang, 10 Oct 16, 03:24

Re: Questions worldwide to Iran

20 Aug 16, 04:43 chenyingying chenyingying, 20 Aug 16, 04:43

Re: A new form of graffiti?

Oops! Sorry bout that. I'll change it straight away.

30 Jan 09, 10:38 Tarik, 30 Jan 09, 10:38

Re: A new form of graffiti?

actually it is in Stockholm Sweden Tarik ha,ha,ha... but ok ok both Scandanevia and in the notrh of Europe ..... in any case this is an example u see pieces of knitting on lantarnpoles, bridges etc. it is really cool .... so my question is could knitting become the new grafitti..........??? has anybody seen this anywhere else in the world or is this specifically to Stockholm or Sweden?
Curious to hear back form u all !
over and out, Sasha

28 Jan 09, 23:47 sasha dees, 28 Jan 09, 23:47