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Boys and Girls

Season1 - part4

In the fourth episode of Couscous & Cola the debating group starts to explore relationships. They discuss the differences between boys and girls, culture and marriage, all within a Dutch immigrant context.
Gender differences emerge as a prominent theme as the topics discussed and debated include sexual relationships, gender inequality and marriage.

Couscous & Cola - Boys & Girls - 09 Apr 07



2015-08-05 zhengjx

5 Aug 15, 03:59 junxia zheng, 5 Aug 15, 03:59

Re: Boys and Girls

This is an interesting video, did they meet Ali G in Us?. Will they come to the UK?
I lived in Holland years ago so I understand why a black person will feel how the Somalian boy feels and I will have you know that in black communities, of those black girls featured one of them will be considered unchaste a bit of a rebel and in christian circles, her general behaviour will be frowned upon.
This ought to be brought to light, well done but, new Aljezera, is too see NN

13 Aug 08, 14:39 youtube comments, 13 Aug 08, 14:39

Re: Boys and Girls

These boys here are stupid. The girls are very intelligent.

13 Aug 08, 14:38 youtube comments, 13 Aug 08, 14:38

Re: Boys and Girls

Yes, the boys are dumb!

13 Aug 08, 14:38 youtube comments, 13 Aug 08, 14:38