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Is Islam a threat?


Here you will see some Couscous & Cola kids at Channel4






Re: England


A real fascit has grown in the dark south of the dutch hinterland. Well educated and well payed, playing the new adolf hitler. What an asshole, he'll start a new war!!

21 Sept 09, 15:57 youtube comments, 21 Sept 09, 15:57

Re: England


There aren't very many people as enlightened and brave as Geert Wilders.
People with a vocal negative take on Islam are just as entitled to their views and opinions of it , just as those who are muslim are entitled, I suppose, to their chanting of death to America or in their praise of Hitler.

15 Sept 09, 16:52 youtube comments, 15 Sept 09, 16:52

Re: England


For fucks sake - BEING ANTI-ISLAM IS NOT RACIST. MUSLIMS ARE NOT A RACE. Islamaphobia? A phobia is an irrational fear of something. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. It's a virus. But, unfortunately, a very patient virus.

11 Aug 09, 14:35 youtube comments, 11 Aug 09, 14:35

Re: England


All Europeans should stand united against Islamization! Holland, Germany, France, England, Spain...We are friends and we have the right to say which people are not welcome to our countries!

11 Aug 09, 14:31 youtube comments, 11 Aug 09, 14:31

Re: England


We have the same problems in germany. Muslims dont want to be part of the european societies. Many of them are criminals, and Millions of them are jobless, without general education, without beeing interested in education! In Denmark, Belgium, France, everywhere its brewing. Islam and Europe dont fit together. Sowly the people are regognizing that immigration of muslims was the biggest political mistake after 1945.

7 Aug 09, 15:56 youtube comments, 7 Aug 09, 15:56

Re: England


people in holland start to think it is ok to discriminate on a religian based argument . therefore people who dont know me , allready have theyre judgements about me by lookin at me . is that a good thing ? me thinks not ! in holland the biggest cristian political party's will not allow woman in charge of anything , not in society and sertainly not in theyre party . WHAT BOUT THAT ? is one free to believe what they want , or is one free to believe in the choices given by uneducated people ?

27 July 09, 17:31 youtube comments, 27 July 09, 17:31

Re: England


in nazi germany they started a way of promoting ideas and philosofi to block out people they did not like .
wilders is doin the same here .
in holland 25000 dutch people went to join the germans in the ss , another 100000 joined the 'nsb' . so , im not suprised to see fellow dutchman following another 1 issue idiot . i cant blaim you not bein very bright . but if your allowed to vote , the world is doomed

16 July 09, 14:00 youtube comments, 16 July 09, 14:00

Re: England


Examination proves that leftwing westerners are stupid traitors and defenders of totalitarian ideologies.
(As they was supporting massmurderers as Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, now they are supporting islamisation of our culture. When will they ever learn?)
Examination proves that islam is breeding ground for fanatism and terrorism.
Examination proves that "islamophobia" is the highest form of common sense, and that Geert Wilders is a highly intelligent and very popular person.:o)

7 July 09, 13:27 youtube comments, 7 July 09, 13:27

Re: England


examination proves that the majority of geert wilders followers are lower educated people who like to blaim theyre own problems on someone else .
this happenend in history over and over and over , well , with no serious education you didnt got this at school and you cannot learn from past mistakes

6 July 09, 13:24 youtube comments, 6 July 09, 13:24

Re: England


emancipate religion and ban its orthodoxy - flush Nietzsche through Mohammed's overtly sour throat

22 May 09, 15:55 youtube comments, 22 May 09, 15:55

Re: England


im from amsterdam en geert wilders is a nice guy he just want chance
en islam dus not

14 May 09, 11:55 youtube comments, 14 May 09, 11:55

Re: England


Yeah, I missed the fucking meeting on that. I think people get confused when Wilders criticizes islam as an ideology. They think he is attacking all muslims. They don't understand the distinction.

10 Feb 09, 10:55 youtube comments, 10 Feb 09, 10:55

Re: England


Since when is Islam a race?

30 Jan 09, 10:50 youtube comments, 30 Jan 09, 10:50

Re: England


Keep up the good work Geert Wilders!!! What a great man! If only everybody could see what this wicked faith is doing!

17 Nov 08, 10:21 youtube comments, 17 Nov 08, 10:21

Re: England


5 Sept 08, 10:36 youtube comments, 5 Sept 08, 10:36

Re: England

test van bas

20 Aug 08, 16:07 Bas den draaier, 20 Aug 08, 16:07

Re: England

Keep up the good work Geert Wilders. We in the West are behind you 110%.

13 Aug 08, 13:51 youtube comments, 13 Aug 08, 13:51
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