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Objectivity doesn't exist

It is often said that media - radio, television, web - DO NOT deliver an objective view of the events of which they report. Without mentioning examples you can probably still imagine what we mean, simply because there are plenty of examples to think of.


Re: Holland

Don't be confused by the Italian brand's jewelry division, which is quite separate. 2015 is also the 40th anniversary of the iconic Bulgari Bulgari collection which originated as a design by Gerald Genta. The collection is referred to as such because of the double use of the Bulgari name on the bezel. This Bulgari Bulgari model is in steel and 41mm wide with a slight curve to the case which adds to its extreme comfort on the wrist. The steel case goes very nicely with the blue dial color. The Bulgari Bulgari in blue comes on either the matching steel bracelet or a blue alligator strap. Aside from the Bulgari Bulgari's blue dial which is new for 2015, Bulgari has added a blue-dialed version of their newer Bulgari Octo 38 in steel.

5 Jan 17, 04:06 jeff, 5 Jan 17, 04:06

Re: Holland

Sorry this Iraki story is old stuff. Does anyone has any idea what is going on in Georgia / South Ossetia at this moment? Who is aggresor, who is pacifyer? Who is telling the truth? Or is everybody lying? See for example CNN

11 Aug 08, 12:30 Bij Lange Na Wel, 11 Aug 08, 12:30