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Obama volunteer HQ in Miami

Here you can watch two films:
The first one is a montage of several interviews which we had with volunteers of the Obama campaign in Miami, Florida.
The second one is about (J)elvis and 'the great schlep.'
During our trip in Miami we ran into the Jewish king of rock n roll: Jelvis. Here you can see him play a song at the Obama volunteer HQ in...Miami. He also tells us about Sarah Silverman's initiative 'the great schlep.' Rock n roll will never die!


Re: Obama volunteer HQ in Miami

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5 Jan 17, 04:04 jeff, 5 Jan 17, 04:04



Eric I hope your grandkids will be proud of you. "A U.S. that rewards the wealthy"..?? What about self initiative individuals who bust their hump to get what they work hard for?...I guess for you that's unfair.

18 Dec 08, 10:24 youtube comments, 18 Dec 08, 10:24



hahahha WTF?

10 Dec 08, 10:03 youtube comments, 10 Dec 08, 10:03