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Don't vote!!


This commercial - which is packed with many famous actors, musicians and entertainers - was created to encourage young people to register to vote.

u gettin it now?



You know what? Even these various Bulgari watches that I got to play with had slightly different dial colors. They were prototypes, but illustrated the fact that minor differences in production can change the blue tones in a way that takes them from beautiful to boring. Layers of PVD application often go into creating the blue tones, and getting them just right is a mixture of the right color, metallic finish, and gloss. Getting the right color blue dial is an art form that combines not only the right eye, but also an understanding of the production techniques. Getting a blue dial too glossy makes them look cheap; without a bit of a metallic finish, they look boring.

5 Jan 17, 04:01 jeff, 5 Jan 17, 04:01

Re: Election usa - 1

I think this campaign is really good. The idea is cool, nicely edited and it contains Sarah Silvermann. She`s nuts! ;-)'

20 Oct 08, 15:50 Tarik, 20 Oct 08, 15:50