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In today`s news...

Ok, what`s with the old school video on the homepage? Well... we think that it`s a very good old school track with a cool video. And we thought: 'let`s share it with our members.' That`s why. We thought you`d like to know. So.

But anyway, back to the regular program. A very big and warm welcome to our new members Vincent, Catrin, Neddo, Tim, Söhail, Jasmijn, Lisa and Rozemarijn. Us lucky people won tickets to the Picnic conference through a vlogging (video logging) competition so we`ll be away for a few days. We`ll take our camera with us so perhaps you can expect a video or two from our hand. ;-)

Speaking of which: a well known Dutch blog on new media which was involved in the contest of which I spoke earlier stated that our video were different from the others. Different as in raw and unpolished. Just the way we like it. :-) Click here to check out one of our clips and several others from winners from the contest.

And once more: be sure to follow us on Twitter @

That`s all for now.